Welcome & Bienvenida!

ZKbook_001I want to thank you all for visiting my new website — I am so glad you decided to drop in for a visit!

To my Venezuelan friends — you knew me in childhood, when we grew up together while I was on Contesta por Tío Simon and Martes de Zurima (for my English-speaking friends, Answers by Uncle Simon and Tuesdays with Zurima). It is all of you, my oldest friends, with whom I am happiest to reconnect.

To my friends in the USA and elsewhere all around the world who may recognize me from magazines, television commercials or on the packages of products sold in your local stores, I equally love welcoming you into my little family — just as you have welcomed me into yours ever since I left my homeland for America all those years ago.

Since then, I have proudly appeared in commercials for Coca-Cola, Gillette, Pantene, Miller Lite — I have even screamed for Ashton Kutcher for Nikon! Most recently I was the face for Garnier’s BB Cream throughout Latin America, and you can currently see me opposite Sofia Vergara in an ongoing series of telenovela-themed commercials for Ace detergent. (That’s Tide to all you in North America.)

Reading all that, you may think I am a girl obsessed with celebrity, fashion or beauty, so you may be surprised to learn that what I love most is sports. I have been obsessed with baseball ever since I was little. (My greatest thrill from all those childhood years on television was getting to meet Andrés Galarraga and Omar Vizquel). My next most favorite? Boxing! So much so that I used to love getting into the ring myself — until I broke my own nose, which, as you may imagine, is not great for a modeling career. It didn’t take very long for me to add basketball, American football and eventually hockey and tennis to the list of sports I can’t get enough of.

And it is that love of sports that I most want to share and engage with you all here on my new website. I hope you will all support me as I endeavor to share my thoughts on the world of sports. If sports are not your thing, don’t worry, I will from time to time take you all on an occasional trip down memory lane, as well as share any other things I may be up to professionally. So I hope you all visit often, and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and Facebook!

– Zurima