Yes, it is true…

I am Sandra Valeria. Ok, not really. But it has been my great pleasure to play the character of Sandra Valeria opposite the incredibly talented and gracious Sofia Vergara, in the hilarious series of commercials for Ace detergent that you may have seen this past year. As reported on Noticias24 Carabobo yesterday, I am the sexy Venezuelan who shared the screen with Sofia. (Thanks for the compliment, guys, really, I am blushing… and for those of you who may have missed it, you can see the story on the Noticias24 website here.)

The entire campaign was a lot of fun for me, not only doing my part in its creation, but also enjoying the results, because the entire concept and each of the individual spots — and you may have seen for yourself — were so brilliantly silly and funny… I hope you all rush right out and stock up on Ace detergent!

As for Sandra Valeria, I really can’t say too much more, but you just may not have seen the last of her. Stay tuned.


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